TRX provides logistic space through modern and efficient platforms: this is one of TRX’s missions. With a full range of products for immediate lease, tailor made or for the acquisition of the asset made by Sale and Leaseback, TRX aims to offer logistic and industrial solutions in the main centers of the country, from north to south. It has developed strategically located assets in proximity to large retail centers and with wide access to roads. TRX also uses advanced technology to maximize energy and water efficiency, as well as optimized spaces (which allow reduced footage storage) to provide a complete solution for our clients.


Our solutions in Infrastructure focus on projects related to storage and logistics. We develop projects in ports, liquids and grain storage. These projects can be through built to suit or speculative developments.

Self Storage

TRX Retail works with two business lines: retail real estate and self storage (MetroFit). Retail properties fits into Built to Suit contracts. MetroFit Self Storage was born out of a joint venture between TRX and Metro Self Storage, a well-known American company based in Chicago. The goal of this asset class is to invest in the main urban centers of Brazil, solving the lack of temporary space available for individuals and companies, with an innovative concept for Brazilians.


TRX applies its financial and real estate know-how to source land or projects with high development potential, focusing on commercial activities such as office buildings and corporate slabs for large companies. TRX carries out real estate operations focused on high end markets that meet clients and investors demands, with an unique profile of high quality ventures that makes us a benchmark in the marketplace. This is possible due to the acquisition of land or projects in the initial phase or already in development located in strategic regions, with unsaturated markets and that have good profitability and value-added potential.

Debt Capital Markets

TRX offers credit and financing solutions according to our clients’ needs, going beyond the real estate segment. TRX also structures and manages corporate credit funds, which are a means of investing in debt securities and receivables. TRX offers credit and financing solutions according to each company’s needs, and offers investors the opportunity to invest in secure and diversified operations. TRX has broad expertise in credit analysis and in structuring and managing funds and CRIs. Our engineering know-how and real estate development activities bring various benefits, both for companies and for investors: TRX coordinates projects from the evaluation phase and certification of construction companies to construction management services, thus mitigating the risks associated with these ventures.


TRX offers credit and financing services for companies by means of the securitization of real estate receivables. These are structured by our own securitization firm, which is highly specialized in meeting client financing needs.

TRX’s financing solutions are an attractive alternative for large and medium businesses, offering diversification of financing sources, access to long term-funding, and the option to keep the asset at the end of the operation. These solutions are ideal for companies that are not able to sell their strategic assets and that seek to profit from the appreciation of their properties. TRX financing operations are tailored to each client’s needs. We offer flexible lengths, structures, guarantees, payment options, and buyback options, among other solutions.

Asset Management

Our asset manager’s objective is to organically grow the volume of assets under management via annual increases in net inflow through the offer of new funds. These include real estate development funds, fixed income funds, real estate backed securities funds, and private equity funds (ex: credit rights investment funds), in addition to the appreciation of quotas associated with funds under management. TRX publishes periodic reports for investors to track fund management.

Facility & Property Management

TRX Facility and Property Management develops and analyzes all relevant infrastructure processes and services for organizations, except for those that constitute a company’s core business. TRX Facility and Property Management’s main objective is to identify business challenges and offer customized solutions that reduce operational costs. We offer our clients the organizational security they need to maintain total focus on their businesses, helping them avoid investing time and energy in issues that are not directly related to their companies’ day-to-day operations. TRX Facility and Property Management’s greatest differential is that it develops indicators that our technical team monitors in real time using our TRX RealTime system. We are then able to use these analyses to assertively propose new actions and restructuring opportunities, generating significant returns for our clients’ companies.