Corporate Governance

TRX adopts the best and most modern corporate governance practices in order to ensure that the company’s business is carried out with transparency, fairness, accountability, and corporate responsibility.

Our corporate governance system is rooted in premises, fundamentals, principles, ethical criteria, practices, policies, as well as simple yet effective internal control systems. As a result specific standards are set for our business model, guidance, and decision making.

TRX Corporate Governance culture is safeguarded, strengthened, and disseminated through the following elements: Board of Directors, Committees, and Policies.

Board of Directors

TRX Board of Directors, besides being responsible for strategically guiding our organization, plays an important role in establishing, strengthening, and disseminating our corporate governance culture. At the same time, the Board of Directors is the main component and main guardian of our culture. As such, in addition to setting the organization’s strategic direction, the TRX Board of Directors monitors the actions of the management team in order to ensure that they are effectively complying with established corporate governance practices.

TRX’s Board of Directors is currently composed of the following members, whose terms of office will last until December 4th, 2017.

José Alves Neto

Luiz Augusto Faria do Amaral


TRX has numerous Committees that act within the organization and support the Board of Directors. The Committees oversee and monitor the Board’s and our teams’ compliance with our corporate governance system, including all premises, fundamentals, principles, ethical criteria, practices, policies and internal control systems.

The Committees do not have deliberative power and have nonbinding recommendations with regards to the deliberations of the TRX Board of Directors.

Organizational Structure


TRX employs a set of policies that clearly and objectively synthesize our corporate governance system’s premises, fundamentals, principles, ethical criteria, practices, policies, and internal control systems. Policies, are followed by all TRX employees and collaborators and reach all levels of our organization.